About us
My fairy – tale…
I have been loving dogs for whole my life. Since my early childhood I’ve had a dream – the dog, and when I was 12, I’ve got apricot – colored pudel Gretta – absolutely amazing creation. I was happy till the moon! The time passed, I’ve got the second dog, then the third… It was nice period of my life. It’s due to Gretta I got different knowledges: nutrition, education, responsibility for the life, for the health. Gretta spent with me 13 happy years. After her passing away I didn’t want to have a dog any more – I couldn’t overcome her loss. Soon I recognized, that I couldn’t live without a dog. But who would be my further one? The only thing, that I was absolutely sure in – that it would be a girl!
I looked for my breed. My husband wanted a gundog, so after long discussions and searchings, we found it – our breed – the golden retriever!
So, small happiness started to make her first steps at our home, her name was Ost Forest Truvi! These 3 kilograms of gold cost the great amount of money for me, but definitely at that moment I realized, that it was possible to buy the happiness. Her pedigree, her olds, their titles were absolutely unimportant for me. She became our second child and our favorite dog. It was Truvi, who changed my life forever! I fell in love with golden dogs!
Once we took part in dog show, then the second time, the third and etc. Truvi became JRusCh, RusCh, RKFCh, and after all I decided to mate her.
Irbis and Truvi gave the birth for amazing puppies. This letter had the name of my friend’s kennel Nordenland. Nordenland Adora stayed live with us. The next year Truvi became the mother for the second time, and I decided, that puppies would have their own name, so Puello Oris history began…